UPDATE: Due to school closure for the remainder of the year, unfortnately this event has been cancelled. We hope to see you next year for some Math Adventures!

What is Math Adventure?

Math Adventure is a non-competitive math program to help kids build a positive emotional connection to math that starts in elementary school and lasts a lifetime. Math Adventure is a night of fun for kids where they work in teams to problem solve, do math, and have fun. No special math skills are required as it is based on the common core standards kids are already learning at school.  

Math Adventure has a different theme each year and involves groups of 4 students working together to complete puzzles using math which provides them the answer to a riddle or clue. They go to 4 theatrical stations with their team and coach where parent volunteers act out skits related to the adventure. Kids unlock clues at each station and have fun.
For more information on Math Adventure (including sample puzzles and videos), please see mathadventure.org
Check out the Math Adventure math concepts by grade level by clicking HERE.
Who is Eligible?
Math Adventure at IVE is eligible to all 2nd through 5th graders.
Math Adventure is a wonderful experience for kids, but requires many volunteers to make for a successful math adventure experience.
Teams consist of 4 kids - usually formed by math/grade level. Because puzzle packets are divided into sheets of 4, it is ideal for groups to be formed with 4 kids each.  
Each team requires one coach and one other volunteer, working in one of the stations. If these requirements aren't met by each team, that team may not be able to participate as we must have enough volunteers to make the night successful.
The extra volunteer can be a responsible high school or middle school student as long as the parent will also be at the event.  
Important Dates:
  • Parent Informational Night: February 4, 2020 
  • RegistrationCLOSED
  • Mandatory Coach and Volunteer Training:  CANCELLED
  • Event Night: CANCELLED  

Please contact mathadventures@ivepta.org with questions. 

Committee Chair: Iuliana Marinov

Contact Info: mathadventures@ivepta.org

Timeframe: February-March (now May-June due to rescheduling from March)

Opportunities to Volunteer: Contact Chairperson