Hello IVE Spellistas and Spellmans!
Are you a very good speler, er, speller? This year IVE is hosting our very own Spelling Bee! Registration is open to any IVE 2nd - 5th Grade student. 
  • 2nd grade: Tuesday, January 28 (5-6pm)
  • 3rd grade: Wednesday, January 29 (5-6pm)
  • 4th grade: Tuesday, January 28 (6-7pm)
  • 5th grade: Wednesday, January 29 (6-7pm)
  • Championships: Wednesday, January 29 (7:15-7:45pm)
Additional Information:
  • Parents and families are asked to stay and watch the Spelling Bee.
  • For each grade level competition, participants will be seated on stage and will approach the microphone when their number or name is called. The participant will be asked to spell a word out loud. If the word is spelled correctly, the participant will advance to the next round. There will be a short procedure demonstration prior to the start of the first round of competition for each grade.
  • Important: Student participants will not be allowed to observe other grades’ competitions until they have been eliminated from their own competition.
  • This is a quiet event requiring concentration for participants, so please consider this before bringing young children.
  • Find the words list HERE and suggested reading list HERE.
  • Questions? Email spellingbee@ivepta.org

We hope you will BEE there! 

Committee Chair: Dan Rosenstein

Contact Info: spellingbee@ivepta.org

Timeframe: January 28-29, 2020

Opportunities to Volunteer: Contact spellingbee@ivepta.org