Volunteer Approval Process

If you're planning to volunteer at school, please note that there is a district-wide mandatory volunteer application and approval process that must be completed prior to any volunteer work.

Be sure to complete the application at least 48 hours before you are scheduled to volunteer (during some busy periods it may take up to three weeks to process an application). Keep in mind this online process will take some time and includes a volunteer training slideshow and requires you to upload a copy of your drivers license. If you have questions about this process please send an email to the following address: volunteers@issaquah.wednet.edu.

**This application process needs to be renewed every new school year**

Start/Renew the application process by clicking here.

All volunteers at IVE must sign-in and sign-out at the school office located in the front of the building. The office staff will have a list of all volunteers that have been cleared by the district process. All volunteers must wear an approved school identification badge. Volunteers who have not completed the application process will not be able to volunteer.