Online Directory FAQ 

  • The IVE PTA website has an online directory feature for the convenience of our IVE families.
  • This directory is a restricted document viewable ONLY by registered PTA members who are authorized by the PTA webmasters after verification of legitimate PTA membership. 
  • Authorized users are able to search by family/student first or last name, or they can search for class lists by teacher name. 
  • As a default all contact information in the PTA website user’s profile will be displayed UNLESS specifically opted out of by the user either upon membership activation/renewal or via the steps in the link below. The information displayed in the directory  includes the user’s name, address, home phone, cell phone, and email address. It also includes their students’ names, grade levels, and teachers. 
  • If your PTA membership is current for this year and you do not have access to the Online Directory, please contact to have access authorized. 

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